Spider-Man PS4 Developers Won’t Rule Out Venom


Insomniac and Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 exclusive is firing on all cylinders at the moment. With the recent batch of brand new screenshots, gameplay details, fresh footage and even a firm release date, the California-based developer is really beginning to step up its marketing drive for their upcoming web-slinging open-world adventure. And truth be told, it’s shaping up pretty well. One question that does seem to be on many fans’ minds though is a simple one: Will Venom make an appearance in Insomniac’s upcoming superhero video game?

Well, don’t count out the Black Suit just yet, as Game Informer revealed that when Spider-Man Creative Director Brian Intihar was asked specifically about Venom’s possible involvement, he coyly remarked that, “Venom was a cool character.” Sure, that’s by no means any sort of confirmation that he’s in the game, but it’s not a concrete denial either, right?

It’s important to note that this isn’t the first time Venom has been brought up. When Intihar was asked about what villains will appear in their upcoming title in a rapid-fire Q&A session, he paused on a few suggestions — Doc Ock and Sandman in particular — suggesting they could be in the game. When asked about the V question he simply said: “Venom is a really cool character.”

Admittedly, it’s not much to go on at the moment. However, it is interesting to note how noticeably tight-lipped the developer is when broached with whether the anti-hero will appear. What’s also intriguing is the fact that the only villain that has been unveiled for the game so far has been Mr. Negative, who’s far from a fan favorite. Could Venom simply be a big surprise reveal in Insomniac’s upcoming superhero title, then? It’s possible, no?

Whether you’re a hardcore Spider-Man fan, or a fledgling arachnid devotee, it’s safe to say you’ve probably seen or heard of the creepy, symbiotic villain Venom — mainly because he’s arguably one of the most iconic of Spidey’s antagonists. A strange sentient amorphous liquid that bonds to a host, Venom essentially corrupts its user and behaves much like a nasty parasite. On the flip-side, it does gift its victims enhanced powers and shapeshifting abilities, which, of course, always comes in handy. 

Spider-Man Ps4

Essentially, Venom’s a really big hit for fans of the iconic wall-crawler. Add to this that a new movie starring Tom Hardy is also gearing up for release in October – simply dubbed Venom –  and it starts looking like a serious no-brainer for Insomniac to include the creepy symbiote in some shape or form in their latest web-swinging video game adventure. Fingers crossed, right?

Spider-Man releases exclusively on PS4 on September 7th and as we approach its launch date, we’ll be sure to keep you posted should any further updates arise.

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