Rumor: Xbox One Exclusive Thriller Quantum Break Has Been Delayed Until 2016

Quantum Break

The wait for Remedy Entertainment’s next effort could potentially get longer, as Quantum Break may have been delayed until early 2016. The third-person shooter/digital series, which was announced back in 2013, was slated to launch sometime later this year.

While nothing has been confirmed so far, the rumor did originate with a rather official source. Dae_Jim, the Dutch Community and Social Media Coordinator at Microsoft, first tweeted news of the delay.

After dropping that bomb, Dae_Jim sent out a few more tweets that clarified that he is not the official source on Quantum Break news, and that gamers should wait until Microsoft is ready to speak.

just to clarify i’m using likely because it’s still a rumor and I cannot confirm it myself. Please wait for official PR from MS. #XboxOne will have an insane 2015 anyway, with or without Quantum Break. Now it will make 2016 freaking awesome ;). That said, I’m not confirming it. It might release next week for all I know. I have strong reasons to believe it though, more info soon ;).

Again, although nothing has been confirmed, I’m ready to believe that we won’t get our hands on Quantum Break until 2016. If this was just a random Twitter account, that would be one thing. But a Community Coordinator at Microsoft would probably have more inside information than most. Regardless, there is nothing wrong with a title needing a few months of additional polish and we’re more than happy to wait for it if it means that we’ll be getting a better final product.

We will be sure to update you on the release date confusion regarding Quantum Break once Microsoft is ready to talk.