Rumored Alien: Isolation Screenshots Leaked

alien isolation screenshot 2

Four screenshots reportedly from Creative Assembly’s unconfirmed Alien: Isolation title found their way to the Internet late last week, giving us our first look at the in-game art style of the unannounced project.

The images first surfaced on Twitter, where they were picked up and later independently confirmed by Eurogamer — neither Sega or Twentieth Century Fox (the owner of the recently filed Alien: Isolation trademark) have provided any comments on the report. Most of the leaked screenshots are rather uninteresting, however, there is one that clearly displays the motion tracking device from the movies.

Even though Alien: Isolation has yet to be officially announced, there have been several unconfirmed details leaked about the title over the last few months. According to a Kotaku report, the game is a first-person shooter that will see a split-gen release sometime in 2014. Players will supposedly take on the role of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, as she fights for survival against a single Alien (Yay!) and an army of clones and soldiers (Huh?!?!?).

We will keep an eye out for any official confirmation of Alien: Isolation, and let you know as soon as Sega announces the title. In the meantime, check out the rumored screenshots in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments.