Rumored First Grand Theft Auto 6 Screenshots Leak Online

Image via Rockstar Games

How much longer is Rockstar going to have its fans wait until it finally unveils Grand Theft Auto 6?

Sadly, we don’t have an answer to that burning question but we, like the rest of the series’ millions of fans, are holding out hope for an imminent announcement. It has, after all, been just shy of six years since the developer unleashed Grand Theft Auto V on the world and nobody, not even Rockstar itself, wants that gap to grow any bigger. The agonizing eight-year gap between Red Dead Redemption and its 2018 sequel was bad enough, thank you very much.

Yet here we are, about to head into a whole new decade and nothing, not even a peep, has been heard in regards to Grand Theft Auto‘s next installment. As always, the total absence of any concrete information has given rise to an avalanche of rumors and so-called leaks, some believable; others spurious. This time around, one anonymous individual claiming to have discovered a series of in-game screenshots for GTA 6 has shared their findings online. There are three images in total, all of which can be found via the gallery (thanks, Dexerto) below.

The individual responsible for posting these images did so on Reddit earlier this week, though the post in question has since been removed and the account responsible deleted.

Does this have any bearing on the leak’s legitimacy? Most likely not, but these are certainly the most authentic-looking assets we’ve seen so far. Screengrabs of what appears to be a character creation screen and in-game airport are shown, as too, is what looks to be some sort of loading screen image featuring a police vehicle. Interestingly, the car looks vintage in nature which, if the leaks are real, could further support the rumor that the sequel will return to Vice City.

This is, of course, all wild speculation. We’ve absolutely no way of discerning whether this leak has any legitimacy and until Rockstar says otherwise, the above may very well be yet another in a long line of elaborate Grand Theft Auto 6 fakes. As always, though, stay tuned for more.