[Update] Rumored PlayStation 4 Controller Details And Picture Surface

Just days ahead of Sony’s expected debut of the PlayStation 4 a new report claims to have the final details of the next generation console’s controller, and a lone image has popped up that seems to back up all the recent rumors and speculation.

VG247 reported yesterday that an unnamed source had told them that the PlayStation 4 controller will in fact feature a front touch screen panel, as was suggested by separate rumors last month. Interestingly, the report also claimed that earlier rumors stating the controller would feature a social media “Share” button are not correct, and no such button exists. Finally, the source also mentioned that the controller is “more or less” the same shape as the current DualShock 3 controller, however, the L2 and R2 buttons have been redesigned “for the better”.

Fast forward to today, Destructoid has just posted a single picture that appears to be the exact PlayStation 4 controller described in the unconfirmed reports. The image shows a DualShock-like controller with the following features; a Vita-style touch panel on the front of the pad, redesigned analog sticks that have a noticeable ridge, much thicker grips than the DS3, a front speaker, and some kind of light blue thing on the top (sorry, that is about as technical as a description as I can provide). Additionally, the controller in the picture is wired via USB into a computer casing (early PS4 dev kit?).

[Update] After reflecting about what the light blue bar could be, I recalled a patent from Sony that described the glowing PlayStation Move ball attached to the top of a break-apart DualShock controller. This is most likely what the glowing bar is (assuming this thing is even real).

Sony has been rumored to have been testing several different types of controllers for the PlayStation 4 (including one with biometric sensors in the grips, which would explain the larger handles on the above controller), so even if this picture is legit it’s possible that this is simply one of those prototypes and not the final pad.

Thankfully, Sony’s February 20th event is just around the corner. Assuming the presentation does in fact debut the PlayStation 4 we should be able to clear up all of these rumors in just a few days.

On a side note, here’s hoping that Sony does go ahead and redesign the L2 and R2 PlayStation 4 buttons. Those little buggers are by far the worst thing about the DualShock 3.