Rumors Say Castlevania 3DS Game In The Works

If rumors are to be believed, we might see the reveal of a 3DS-exclusive Castlevania game in two weeks at E3. Sad for all you Lords of Shadow fans out there, great for all you Dawn of Sorrow fans.

Or perhaps not! According to the report from Dutch site n1ntendo, the game is already in development with David Cox and Enric Alvarez, the producer and director from Lords of Shadow.

Unfortunately there’s nothing much more to this rumor, but we’ll know pretty quickly whether it’s true or not. E3 is only two weeks away.

Personally, this is exciting news. The DS games were both fantastic, even if they took a turn in art style that most fans weren’t quite happy with. We shall see.

What say you, gamers? Ready to return to the land of Dracul?

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Mike Niemietz

A lifelong gamer, musician (AKA Viking Jesus) and writer who has a special appreciation for games that try to be artistic. Some favorites include Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Metroid Prime and Okami.