Rocksteady May Follow Batman Arkham Series With Justice League Game


It’s been nearly three years since Rocksteady Games released Arkham Knight, the bombastic finale to the Arkham series, generally agreed to have been some of the best superhero games of all-time. But since that title’s Season of Infamy DLC wrapped up in late 2015, they’ve been quiet as a mouse. Speculation has gradually built about what they’re cooking up, of course, with theories ranging from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, to a Suicide Squad game, to the most desired, which is that they’d do for Superman what they did for Batman.

Now, persistent rumors suggest that they’re working on two related projects simultaneously. The first is the much-vaunted Man of Steel game, and the other is a joint production with WB Montreal that’s a co-operative multiplayer Justice League title. Admittedly, the source for this is 4Chan, so take it all with a whole shaker of salt, but to me, the report sounds convincing enough.

As we told you the other week, the Superman game will feature a big open world Metropolis (3x the size of Arkham Knight‘s Gotham), Brainiac as the primary villain, semi-destructible environments, a combat system that integrates flying and a Big Blue Boy Scout with powers roughly equivalent to the 1990s cartoon series (i.e. slightly toned down from god-hood). It all sounds promising, especially given that not only has there never been a great Man of Steel game, but his most famous to date is probably the notoriously terrible Superman 64.

That’d be enough for me, but we’re apparently also getting an interesting sounding multiplayer Justice League title. Details are scarce, but it seems as if each player will take control of one member of the League and face off against problems that only superheroes teaming up together can solve. Reportedly, the studio wants to make sure they “nail” Superman first, but if they can get this working, well, then it’d be a dream video game experience.

We’ll know for certain at E3 in a few weeks, of course, at which point we’ll probably also see how Square Enix’s Avengers title is coming along. With that and the PS4 Spider-Man game soon to release, it’s certainly an exciting time for superhero fans.