Two New Sonic Game Logos Leak (Including Sonic Generations)

Message board users on the Sonic Stadium forums have discovered what appeared to be box art for two new Sonic games. The art was only temporarily posted on the site, but one apparently showed a logo for the recently announced, ‘Sonic Generations,’ whereas the other was for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2012.

Generations isn’t a surprise because it was announced earlier this week, through the debut of an interesting teaser trailer that showed a modern-looking Sonic chasing a retro-sprite Sonic. SEGA has also registered that domain.

The only new, early leak, is the Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games 2012 news. Though it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering the first game in the series sold 5 million units, whereas its snowy sequel sold a whopping 6.5 million copies.

It seems like Sonic fans have a lot to look forward to. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything new.