Ryo Hazuki’s Original Voice Actor Is On Board For Shenmue III


The news keeps coming thick and fast for Shenmue III. This time around though, we’ve got a pretty substantial update to share. Corey Marshall, the original voice actor for series protagonist Ryo Hazuki, has had his involvement in Shenmue III confirmed via the game’s Kickstarter page.

We would all like to thank Corey-san for coming back, and especially for all the support he has given to Shenmue over the years.

Corey is as excited for Shenmue’s return as we all are, and to help out, he has magnanimously offered his voice for a special reward. Yes, that’s right–get a personal message from Ryo!  Do not miss this opportunity to get a very special message from Ryo himself. Maybe one [of] those classic Ryo one-liners?

You’ve got to hand it to Ys Net – they’re doing everything they possibly can to reward long-time fans of the series by including as many throwbacks as they possibly can. With this news and the announcement that, yes, we will be able to drive forklift trucks in Shenmue III, we finally have confirmation that dreams actually do come true.

Oh, and if you’re real fanatical fan of the series, you can even donate $1,000 to the game’s Kickstarter page to get your own personalized message courtesy of Corey Marshall himself. Not bad, right?

Source: VideoGamer