[Update] Ryse: Son Of Rome Delivers Brutal Combat For Xbox One Launch


Ryse: Son of Rome will be arriving on Xbox One as a launch title for Microsoft’s next-generation console and it looks to be an impressive exploration of warfare in ancient Rome.

Ryse is being developed by Crytek Studios and aims to paint a vivid picture of what it takes to lead men to victory. Assuming the role of a powerful Roman commander, the demo starts off by leading your men into the battlefield. Storming a castle from the beach paints a hectic scene as volleys of arrows and catapults aim to decimate your allies. Showing no fear, the commander presses forward, shouting commands as he tears through enemies.

A mix of real-time button presses with dynamic third-person combat creates a brutally visceral gaming experience that leaves men slumped on the ground in puddles of their own blood.

Stay tuned for more in-depth information on Ryse: Son of Rome and check out the trailer below.