Ryu, Chun-Li And M.Bison All Feature In Furious Street Fighter V Gameplay Clip


Part and parcel of the fighting genre’s lasting appeal is its ability to morph and evolve with each passing generation. In 2015, we’ve already witnessed Mortal Kombat X take fatalities to a whole different plane of crazy and, if Capcom’s release schedule proves to be accurate, Street Fighter V will return guns blazing on PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2016.

And though the Japanese publisher has been busy rolling out new characters in recent weeks, this latest tidbit is in relation to the brawler’s gameplay and, specifically, its revamped fighting system. Taking to PlayStation Blog, Capcom has published an array of information relating to the new Variable System, and how it will impact the ways in which you put your opponents to the sword. In the gameplay clip above, we see the return of series stalwarts such as Ryu, Chun-Li And M.Bison. And for more on the nuanced battle system, here’s the company’s detailed breakdown courtesy of PS Blog:

V-Skill: V-Skills are unique skills per character that can be accessed at any time by pressing medium punch and medium kick together. These skills do not require use of the V-Gauge and have different uses per character (e.g. mobility, offensive, defensive). V-Skills are rather important in battle as they may help a character in an area they’re weak at or help to fill up the V-Gauge quicker. Learning how to properly and efficiently use each character’s V-Skill will be key in winning matches.

V-Trigger: V-Triggers are unique abilities per character that can only be activated once the V-Gauge is full, by pressing heavy punch and heavy kick together. V-Triggers, much like Ultras in Street Fighter IV, are a way for your character to turn the tide of battle. That, however, is where the similarities end. Activating the V-Trigger, which allows access to a character’s full potential, is merely step one. It is completely up to the player to properly utilize the benefits received from the V-Trigger to change the course of the match. As V-Triggers add quite a bit of depth to each character, mastering their use will be paramount to victory.

V-Reversals: V-Reversals take up one stock of V-Gauge, and allow a player to counter the attack of the opponent while blocking, thus creating some breathing room. They are similar to “Alpha counters” from the Street Fighter Alpha series, but this time not every counter results in a universal effect; some push the opponent back, some knock them down and some switch sides. Players should explore each character to see how their V-Reversals function.

EX Gauge: That’s not all, however, as there is also the EX Gauge, which builds as you deal damage to the opponent. The EX Gauge allows characters to perform powered up versions of their special attacks and when maxed out, their Critical Art. Critical Arts are highly damaging, cinematic attacks that are unique to each character.

Street Fighter V is expected to launch exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PC in the spring of 2016. Stay tuned for more on Capcom’s mascot brawler throughout the course of E3 next week.