Saints Row: The Third DLC Adds Pimpsuits And Explosions

The next batch of Saints Row: The Third DLC has hit the market, and THQ has set the bar for the rest of the project. While it may not quite live up to the Shark Attack pack that was released last month, the Z-Style Pack offers players a chance to pimp out their style a bit more. As for the Explosive Combat Pack, it… well, it makes things explode.

The Explosive Combat Pack includes the Future Soldier outfit and the M2 Grenade launcher. The M2 Grenade Launcher can be upgraded to hold a higher capacity as well as a sticky grenade effect for those of you interested in living out your Halo dreams while in Steelport.

The Z-Style Pack offers a bit more flair with its Z -Style Suit and the Bling Shotgun. While the Bling Shotgun can’t be upgraded, THQ is quick to point out that “It’s all good – especially when every gang kill with this weapon snags you extra respect.” It’s a shame they didn’t include Zimos’ auto-tune cane though; that could have made this a must-have for a lot of players. THQ, feel free to credit me with that idea when you get around to it.

While I’m always a fan of more explosions, the idea of my astronaut zombie stepping out of his pimpmobile with a gold and diamond studded shotgun is simply to much for me to pass up on.

Both of these can be yours for $1.99 each or 160 Microsoft moon bucks. It should also be noted that neither one of these is included in the $19.99 Season Pass THQ has made available. Hopefully the planned expansions will more than make up for it.