Saints Row: The Third Character Creator Available Early With Red Faction Armageddon Pre-Order

Taking a page out of Maxxis’ book, THQ and Volition have decided to give gamers early access to their character creation feature in Saints Row: The Third. Referred to as the Initiation Centre application (for the 360, PS3 and PC,) it will allow you to design your own morally unstable character (or freak) before the game’s release. Once created, these in-game avatars can be uploaded to the game’s official community website, where you can view characters created by your gaming peers, with the option to download their creations for use in your campaign.

Like always, there’s a catch here. Those who pre-purchase the companies’ joint upcoming production, Red Faction: Armageddon, will get access to the scumbag creator a week earlier than others. The application will be available for all to download closer to Saints Row: The Third’s scheduled holiday 2011 release date.