Saints Row: The Third Gangstas In Space DLC Dated For February 21

The Third Street Saints will be pretending they’re in space on February 21. THQ just announced that specific day as its planned release date for Volition‘s second piece of major Saints Row: The Third DLC. The upcoming pack is aptly titled Gangstas In Space. It will be available on all three platforms (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC) on the same day, for $6.99/560 Microsoft Points.

If you own the game’s Season Pass, then there’s no need to worry about forking over any extra cash for this campaign extension. Your previous investment guarantees this download will be a free one. Granted, you did pay for it earlier, but that offer came with a fifteen percent reduction which is nothing to complain about. Keep in mind that this DLC pack is the second of three which are listed as being a part of the pass.

Gangstas In Space will introduce a new ally (Jenny Jaros), who happens to be working alongside your created character, in an attempt to make a science fiction film. The Third Street Saints are the stars and must deal with an alien invasion. Cue the outrageous and crude extraterrestrial content.

When we drafted our Best Video Games of 2011 article, I made sure to give this game my vote as a Game of the Year runner-up. It’s a phenomenal and incredibly entertaining time, which is why I can’t wait to check out this new piece of downloadable content.