Saints Row: The Third Includes Sasha Grey And Hulk Hogan

With so many high profile releases coming out in the next few months it’s easy to forget about some of them, primarily Saints Row: The Third and its abundant amount of crazed mayhem that has fans rejoicing in applause. Along with the new weapons and abilities added to the package are celebrity voice work from the likes of porn starlet Sasha Grey and wrestling icon Hulk Hogan.

Grey will play one of the twin DeWynter sisters, Viola, who along her sibling runs part of the Syndicate which acts as the game’s main opposing gang. Hogan on the other hand, will join the Saints as Angel De La Muerte, a former member of the enemy Lucadores gang and is, what are the odds, a professional wrestler.

Also returning from the previous two games is Daniel Dae Kim who reprises his role as the amazing Johnny Gat, a founding symbol of the Third Street Saints who is now viewed as an international celebrity.

Adding talents like Grey and Hogan into the mix is exactly what the Saints Row franchise is all about: a mixture of absurd random qualities, style and attitude that equals a lot of fun. If the last two games were any indication, Saints Row: The Third will prove to be even bigger and better than before.

Plus any game with a dildo sword as a weapon and includes Sasha Grey in it has to be incredible, right?