Saints Row IV Character Creation Tool Now Available


Though the full game isn’t out until August 20th, Saints Row IV‘s character creation tool – dubbed the Inauguration Station – is now available as a free download on Steam and Xbox 360. It’ll be out on the Playstation Network tomorrow in the UK and Tuesday, August 13th elsewhere.

In the fourth installment of the popular action-adventure sandbox series, the leader of the Third Street Saints has risen high enough in the ranks to become President of the United States. Being Saints Row, we know the options available for creating your own president are varied, to say the least.

After designing your President,  you can save and import him or her directly into the full game when it arrives later this month. With no shortage of tools at your creative disposal, the Inauguration Station offers a substantial taste of the style and tone signature to Saints Row.

It’s a smart business strategy. Since character creation is so involved and integral to what sets Saints Row apart from that other ultra-violent urban sandbox series, it makes sense to offer newcomers a chance to get their feet wet and to whet the appetite of the series’ diehard fans.

Anyway, Saints Row IV is out August 20th. If you’re a PC or Xbox 360 user, you can get started on designing your perfect President today.