Saints Row: The Third Doesn’t Like Mascots

Volition and THQ sure know how to show off their wares in style. They’ve released a brand new, forty second long trailer for Saints Row: The Third, which barely shows anything. Though, what it does show is a funny way to dispose of enemies and civilians inside of the game world.

Gamers should check this one out just for its strange hilarity, as a created cowboy takes out his bullet-ridden anger on an energy drink mascot. The bullets themselves help keep the unfortunate victim’s body airborne for a lot longer than it should be, utilizing hilarious physics. After it’s all said and done, it’s time for a bit of a cowboy dance to show off after victory.

Some stuff just can’t be made up. See this hilarious form of marketing for yourself:

Saints Row: The Third will bring its unique offerings to our favourite high-def video game platforms on November 15.

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