Saints Row: The Third Is Set To Receive A Deal Loving Homie

Outrageous Genkibowl VII activities aren’t the only new additions Saints Row: The Third fans can look forward to downloading on January 17. There will also be a new, and completely free, unique homie made available.

Regular visitors to CheapAssGamer, the popular video game deals site, will recognize the digitally-created man as CheapyD – the website’s owner. A big fan of the franchise, he donated money to the Ashley Ames Foundation last summer, in order to become a unique character inside the sandbox title’s fictional city of Steelport.

When the role was originally offered, it was set to be that of a unique, in-game pedestrian. However, that has changed. The businessman will now be available as a homie – an ally that players can call in for mission assistance, or humorous company.

Although the recognizable ally will not be playable, he’s equipped with the necessary skills, as well as one hundred and fifty unique lines of dialogue. Beware though; some of them happen to be of the profane type, just like most lines in the over-the-top series’ canon.

To download this unique ally into your game, follow these steps:

Xbox 360: Download the Genkibowl VII DLC pack (560 Microsoft Points) or its free Viewer Pack
PS3: Download the free CheapyD DLC pack
Steam: CheapyD will become available through a title update unlock

Players who aren’t very far into the game will have to wait to call upon CheapyD‘s “unique lines and exclamations.” He won’t become available until Shaundi’s ex-boyfriend’s apartment is unlocked as a Third Street Saints crib, which happens after an armory assault mission. If you’ve made it through that mission and happen to be further into the experience, then there won’t be any complications when your cellphone’s homie list is activated.

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