Saints Row: The Third Saints Syndication Trailer

The latest trailer for Saints Row: The Third is more like a “what you can’t do in civilized society” training video. Though the trailer is only 1:48, you get the idea that you are going to love this game. From robbing a bank, dodging missiles, free falling with double-fisted handguns blazing and beating down cops, to high speed car chases, what more could you ask for in a game?

This latest installment in the popular sandbox crime series is due out November 15, 2011.

Game Info: Saints Row: The Third is the third game in the series. Years after taking the town of Stillwater for their own, the Third Street Saints face a new challenger to their property. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal syndicate, has moved into town and demanded tribute from the Saints. Unable to freely relinquish their kingdom, the Saints take the fight to a new city and unleash havok on The Syndicate.

It’s beginning to look like one of the strangest games out there, but that’s okay with us. The Saints Row series has been a lot of over-the-top fun since our first induction ceremony so why stop now?

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