Salt And Sanctuary Physical Release Planned For PlayStation 4; PC Release Date Soon


A limited physical release of Salt And Sanctuary on PlayStation 4 will be made available at some point in the future, developer Ska Studios has announced.

Created by husband and wife team James and Michelle Silva, Salt And Sanctuary is a 2D-based action RPG heavily inspired by From Software’s hugely successful Dark Souls series and includes many trademark systems such as stamina management, punishing death mechanics and interwoven level design.

Released on PlayStation 4 back in March, the indie title has since been received extremely well, giving it a great foundation for its upcoming PC and Vita release, says Ska.

Although the blog post confirms that both versions are still very much in the works, the studio isn’t ready quite yet to commit to a release date, but hopes to lock in a launch window for the PC port within a month’s time.

See below for the main points addressed in the post:

  • At long last, the Salt and Sanctuary soundtrack is up and available for download here on our Bandcamp!
  • We’re gearing up for our PC launch and while we don’t have a specific date just yet, we’re hoping to know within the month.
  • We also unfortunately don’t know details on the Vita port; just that it is being handled by other developer. As soon as we’re able to reveal more, we will surely post about it!
  • We’re working with publishers right now for releases in Japan and Asia. No chrono-details yet.
  • There is a limited physical release of Salt and Sanctuary on PS4 in the works. Also no chrono-details yet.
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If you’ve yet to give Salt And Sanctuary a go and you own a PlayStation 4, do yourself a favor and rectify that – it’s easily one of the best indie games available on Sony’s console right now.