Sanctum 2 Arriving On Xbox 360 And PC May 15


If you couldn’t get enough of Coffee Stain Studios’ unique take on the tower-defense genre with Sanctum, then May 15 couldn’t come any sooner. The studio has announced that the sequel, Sanctum 2, will be released on that day for both Xbox Live Arcade and PC. A PSN version of the game “will launch soon thereafter.”

Although tower-defense is the name of the game, Sanctum added the ability to drop into the fray from an FPS standpoint, effectively turning the tide with traps and a personal vendetta. The sequel will give players the chance to defend oxygen-creating machines from alien hordes with up to three buddies.

Players who preorder Sanctum 2 on Steam will receive a skin pack DLC along with a free copy of Super Sanctum TD, a retro tower-defense game that depends more on traps and cunning rather than the FPS perspective. Although less hands on, the traditional tower-defense formula is rarely not fun. The game can also be purchased for only $3.99.

The original Sanctum was a hit with gamers, although the lack of a variety of weapons was a bit disheartening. Hopefully Coffe Stain Studios can add that little touch to the sequel, which would cause replayability to soar through the roof.

Sanctum 2 will be available on Steam and (eventually) PSN for $14.99. Xbox gamers will be shelling out about 1200 MSP. If tower-defense games have ever interested you in the slightest, then be sure to give this a play once it’s released. You just might fall in love wih it.