First Sanctum 2 DLC To Be Released On June 26th

Sanctum 2

Even though Sanctum 2 was bursting with originality and replayability, the FPS/tower-defense hybrid sure could use some new toys for fans to play with. Good thing Coffee Stain Studios can apparently read my mind, because the first of four planned DLC packs, Road To Elysion, will be released on June 26th via Steam for PC gamers.

Promising tons of new content to come in the future, lead designer Oscar Jilsen claims this that:

“You will see new maps, enemies, perks, weapons, towers, and even a new playable character once in a while. Our goal with the DLCs for Sanctum 2 is to add more replayability and more mind-blowing madness for our biggest fans!”

Based on what comes in just the first pack, Jilsen and Coffee Stain Studios will more than live up to that vow.

Here’s what players can expect form the Road To Elysion DLC pack:

Road To Elysion Expansion Pack Key Features:

• New Playable Character – The DLC storyline centers around TSYGAN, a new shadowy playable character.

• New Weapons – Two weapons have been added including the rapid-firing Gatling Laser.

• New Tower Options – Two new towers, including the Range Spire, that dramatically increases the range of nearby offensive towers.

• Four Additional Unique Maps – Four brand new maps with refreshing interactive elements add exciting new tactics to each DLC level.

• Enhanced Enemies – From new support monsters that heal and mutate the attacking horde to a brand new aerial enemy boss, players should be prepared for this heightened challenge.

• Additional Perks – Customize your character even more with six awesome new perks, including a perk that gives you a pet robot that will fight for you!

Although this content has been announced for PC release, it is unclear as of now if it is set to be released on XBLA for console gamers as well. It seems unlikely that that market will be overlooked, but we will post updates once more news is released.

In the meantime, fans of Sanctum 2 can pick up the Road To Elysion DLC pack for only $3.99 on Steam or a Season Pass (which guarantees all four planned DLC packs) for $11.99 on June 26th.