New Sandbox Mode For Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Debuts At PAX

During PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington this weekend, Capcom debuted the new sandbox mode that gamers can look forward to when they jump back into the shoes of Frank West in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record this October.

Frank West was the hero of the original Dead Rising, which saw our hero having to contend with the zombie hordes in a shopping mall. In Dead Rising 2 he was replaced by Chuck Greene, a former motocross champion who is doing his best to save his daughter who was bitten by a zombie.

Frank returns to the frontlines however as Off the Record includes a new story and unique missions suited to the journalist along with new combo weapons, enemies, items, vehicles and environments including the Uranus Zone, Fortune City’s latest attraction.

The new Sandbox Mode will be available from the onset of the game for both single and multiplayer and will remove the time limit that some gamers weren’t too happy with. This will allow players to explore Fortune City and complete all new challenges without having to stress the amount of time spent completing some of the new challenges.

The removal of the time limit was a big thing for me as I understood why it was there, but I have more fun with games when I’m not rushed and can take my time completing different objectives in my own time, while killing zombies in a variety of different ways of course.

If you were at PAX and got to try it out, let us know how the new mode is.

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