How To Save In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

As you’ve probably noticed, given the obvious parallels, Resident Evil Village shares much of its DNA with previous games in the franchise.

Shinji Mikami’s acclaimed fourth entry, in particular, played a big part in inspiring Ethan Winters’ new nightmare, with Village sharing more than a few similarities with the location of Leon’s initial encounter with the Los Illuminados. But what the latest chapter in the survival horror series has in common with previous entries doesn’t end there, as it also requires that you manually save your progress via the use of typewriters found throughout the game world.

Yes, by interacting with the machines, you’ll be able to save your position and ensure that if you die – which you will, a lot – you won’t have to start too far back. And again, given the use of typewriters in previous games, most players should be pretty familiar with this mechanic by this point.

As ScreenRant further explains:

Players can manually save their progress in Resident Evil Village by interacting with a Typewriter and selecting ‘Save Game.’ Players have plenty of slots to utilize in case they want to run multiple files on one game. For example, after completing a boss battle, players may opt to back up their save to replay the boss battle without losing any progress.

Thankfully, these save points are provided to you frequently throughout the game and shouldn’t be too far away no matter where you find yourself. And like we said above, given that you’ll be dying quite a bit in Village, you’d be wise to make good use of them.

Furthermore, and as Attack of the Fanboy explains:

You can save your progress at typewriters. Typewriters can be found in safe rooms and provide a brief moment of respite from all the action. Unlike earlier Resident Evil titles, you don’t need an Ink Ribbon or any special items to save your game. Typewriters have unlimited uses and can be used as often as you like. They’re typically located in the same places where you can find the Duke, so you can stock up on items and resources after you save your game.

Admittedly, the latest chapter in the Resident Evil franchise is noticeably easier than previous entires, but still, manually saving is important and you’ll want to do it as much as you can. After all, you never know when Lady Dimitrescu will unexpectedly turn up to cause trouble for you.