Scarif Returns To Star Wars: Battlefront II Later This Month


Over the weekend, DICE announced that the paradise planet of Scarif will be making its return to Star Wars: Battlefront II in the near future.

Yes, that’s right. The fan-favourite map that’s featured in 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the original Battlefront title will be arriving for free in the Age Of Rebellion update, which is coming to the game later this February. The new content drop will also include new planets for Co-Op and Supremacy multiplayer modes, and will focus on the Original Trilogy of films.

According to the Swedish studio, the new Age of Rebellion content for Battlefront II‘s Supremacy mode will consist entirely of ground-based combat. DICE went on to explain the following about it:

During development, we looked at the experiences that both Death Star II and Scarif would offer, deciding that the Age of Rebellion would be focused on ground-based combat, which is a better fit for some of the more iconic locations we have available. It’s hard to imagine leaving the Death Star to go to a capital ship, let alone having to deal with the shield that surrounds Scarif. But, don’t worry – it’s still the same great Supremacy experience, just focused on ground-based gameplay.

Apparently, Scarif was one of the community’s most highly requested planets – which isn’t terribly surprising – so it’s great to see that DICE is listening intently to its fanbase here. While a concrete release date has yet to be locked in for the new Age Of Rebellion update, DICE has also promised that more details will be unveiled throughout February, so be sure to stay tuned.

As for the here and now, though, the BB update just launched today, which adds BB-8 and his nefarious counterpart BB-9E as playable heroes. Both droids have some strong support abilities and regain health on kills. Handy, right?

Star Wars Battlefront II is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Tell us, though, are you excited about the return of Scarif? Let us know by dropping a comment in the usual place down below and watch this space for further updates on DICE’s exciting upcoming plans.