Scarygirl Will Spook XBLA/PSN Later This Month

TikGames is branching out into new territory with its Scarygirl license. Originally released as a PlayStation Minis title, the colourful yet playfully dark platform/action game has been remade into a new Xbox LIVE Arcade, PSN and PC title. It will be brought to the devices through digital distribution, thanks to the folks at Square Enix.

Scarygirl is based on a graphic novel, which features a young girl equipped with a tentacle arm and pirate clothing. After having some rather frightening (and strange) dreams, she decides to go on an adventure to discover their meaning.

Thus begins a platforming journey through some rather unique locations, filled with interesting characters. That fact is made concrete by the addition of a second playable character named Bunniguru – a kung-fu utilizing rabbit, who is available in co-op.

Interested parties can check out Scarygirl when it launches onto XBLA (January 18) and PSN (January 24). A PC version will release sometime in “early 2012.”

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