Go Behind The Scenes Of Hazelight, The New Studio From Award-Winning Brothers Dev


During last weekend’s The Game Awards 2014, EA took to the stage to reveal that it would be acting as publisher for Josef Fares’ new title. As the creative mind behind last year’s wonderful, award-winning Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, news of Fares’ sophomore effort was met with much excitement, and it’s understood it will be developed under his new company, Hazelight.

In order to get the word out, Fares and Co. have also released a brief teaser trailer for the property, which goes behind the scenes at the new-fangled studio to detail the development process going into the studio’s first game. Speaking of which, at the tail end of the footage, we see our first look at the as-yet-untitled project, which features two characters riding a train at moonlight. Could this mean that Fares’ latest will experiment with dual protagonists in the vein of Brothers? Time will tell.

Earlier this year, the Swedish dev alluded to this unknown property in an interview with Digital Spy, where he claimed that Hazelight’s maiden title would be something that is totally unique.

“I’m moving on to the next thing. I have my next idea ready, it’s super cool. It’s very different. I can tell you this — if I tell you the idea now, you’d say, ‘I haven’t played something like this before’. I can’t tell you more. But definitely something that hasn’t been done before.”

We’ll keep you posted on the status of Hazelight‘s first game as more information appears, but for now, you can share your own expectations of Fares’ next project in the comments section below.