Schafer: Kickstarter Will Not “Destroy” Video Game Publishers

Speaking at a New York University-hosted forum yesterday, Double Fine boss Tim Schafer told the audience that even though his Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter project was an overwhelming success, it will not “destroy” the role that video game publishers have in the industry.

“I think it’s a great new way to make things happen that couldn’t happen before… [It’s like the Sundance Film Festival,] That changed the [movie] business a lot, but it didn’t destroy all of it. It made Hollywood better. It made more diversity in the kind of movies getting made, what kind of actors were in them – it made the whole art form richer I think. I think a similar thing could happen in gaming.”

When asked if it was “stressful” to be given the $3.3 million that the Kickstarter project raised due to the expectations from fans, Schafer jokingly replied,  “I don’t know if I could describe it … it’s kind of relaxing. It hasn’t really felt that way. It just felt like, the whole thing, all the backing just felt like a big wave of goodwill and support. It was very emotionally … it was a big happy moment for the company.”

He then added that with the extra $3 million Double Fine could “put a real team on [the project] and have a whole year to make it”, indicating that the unannounced point-and-click adventure will release sometime in 2013.

Source: Joystiq

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