First Screenshots Of Tales From The Borderlands Emerge

tales from the borderlands 01

Despite having been revealed at the VGX Awards in December 2013, information on Telltale Games’ Tales From the Borderlands has been remarkably scarce. We got a few nuggets of information back in March during a panel at SXSW, and today, the first official screenshots, as well as some additional info, were posted over on the Official PlayStation Blog.

Though they don’t reveal too much outside of the fact that Tales From the Borderlands will likely play like its developer’s previous efforts, we do get a good look at the main characters in these screenshots, as well as the beautiful art style that the series has become known for.

As for the blog post itself, it more or less reiterates some of the episodic title’s previously revealed details.

What we know is that Tales From the Borderlands takes place following the events of Borderlands 2, with Handsome Jack possibly being disposed of, and will feature two differing, playable viewpoints from both Fiona and Rhys. One of the more interesting details to come out of the post, though, is that the loot you acquire in this game may transfer over to the other titles in the franchise. However, while this likely includes the first two entries in the series, we’re still unsure if it will apply to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

The first episode of Tales From the Borderlands is expected to be released this summer, and will carry a cost of $4.99 per episode.

While you’re waiting for Telltale and 2K Games’ wild endeavor, why not take a look at this batch of newly released screens and let us know what you think?