First Screenshot Of Rockstar’s Bully 2 May Have Leaked


As the developer responsible for two of the world’s most successful series to date, Rockstar certainly knows a thing or two about making great games. Both Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption are consistently ranked as some of the best experiences the industry has to offer but such is their popularity that some of the studio’s other work is often glossed over. One need only look at Bully to discern that much.

Released in 2006, the action-adventure title shined a rare spotlight on the politics of school life, casting players in the role of James “Jimmy” Hopkins on his first day at Bullworth Academy. So begins Jimmy’s quest to rid his new educational home of bullies, taking it upon himself to bring peace and tranquillity to the various cliques that represent Bullworth’s social hierarchy. Despite its provocative – and ultimately misleading – title, Bully garnered rave reviews for its innovative gameplay and story, resulting in requests for sequels ever since.

Rockstar, secretive as ever, has neither confirmed or denied Bully 2‘s existence which, as we all know, is the perfect breeding ground for rumours and hearsay aplenty. The most recent leak to have surfaced concerning a potential sequel, however, is the most concrete yet. Causing all the fuss this time around is an image purported to depict Bully 2‘s in-game menu screen.

The unverified image comes by way of YouTuber TheNathanNS, who claims to have received it from an anonymous source. That being the case, there’s no way of discerning the screenshot’s legitimacy, though Nathan does share some of his own thoughts on the matter. Primarily, the menu banner uses the same blue-gold color scheme – suggesting a return to Bullworth – as that of the original, and the inclusion of a ‘Social Club’ sub-header implies the addition of online functionality.

All terrific news, no doubt. Now one need only cross their fingers and toes in the hopes that someone isn’t simply playing silly buggers with a fake Bully 2 mock-up.