Sea Of Thieves Gameplay Details Revealed In Microsoft Interview


In a recent interview with IGN, Microsoft Executive Aaron Greenberg revealed a few new details about the gameplay of upcoming title Sea Of Thieves. The shared universe game from developer Rare was first announced at E3 2015 with some great looking footage, but now there’s a little more meat being added to the bones of what we already know.

The original E3 trailer – which is at the top of this page if you want to refresh your memory – demonstrated some neat, cartoony graphics and gave a brief look at the landscape that will serve as the setting for the shared universe adventure.

Now, in his interview with IGN, Greenberg has explained what he experienced with an early build of the game. The pirate experience is apparently at the forefront in Sea Of Thieves and you’ll regularly find yourself jumping on a boat with other players and heading out to explore a new island or area. Greenberg described his experience playing with other Microsoft employees as being an unpredictable experience:

So we were playing with Kudo and Phil, and Kudo just jumps in the water and jumps onto another ship. He goes AWOL and then you don’t see him for a while and then he comes back around and starts blasting cannons at their ship.

But while his colleagues here were just as happy to mess around, Greenberg added that with a more serious player the experience became far more structured and work-like. It’s clear that Sea Of Thieves will allow you to adapt your approach to its world in order to take what you want to from each session.

There’s currently no confirmed release date for Microsoft’s Sea Of Thieves, but we’ll bring you more pre-release information as it comes to us.

Source: IGN

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