Seagate’s Newly-Announced Game Drive Is An Xbox One Branded External Option



Unless you’re merely a casual gamer, it’s likely that you’re dealing with (or have at least dealt with) space issues with your current-gen console(s). After all, both Microsoft and Sony didn’t do us any favours by launching the base models of their devices with limited, 500 GB hard drives.

Of course, with the Xbox One it’s easy to add extra storage, although it comes with a price tag. There are many different external hard drives out there that can simply be plugged in via USB 3.0, formatted quickly and used for added space, and one of the more popular brands belongs to Seagate.

Using Microsoft’s gamescom 2015 media conference for convenience, Seagate has issued a press release detailing its newest external.

Designed for the Xbox One and coloured in Xbox green for that very reason, the aptly-named (2 Terabyte) Game Drive looks to help the console’s owners deal with their storage dilemmas. It is, of course, not alone in a busy marketplace, but it does have one thing going for it and that’s its design. The product also comes from a partnership with Microsoft, which allows it to carry both the Seagate and Xbox logos on its casing.

“With all of the new and amazing titles expected for this holiday season and a ton more games coming in the future, Xbox gamers will need even more storage and portability,” said Matt Kesselring, business development manager for Microsoft’s designed for Xbox partner program. “Microsoft is privileged to be working with Seagate as our trusted partner for this important designed for Xbox peripheral.”

“This exciting new collaboration with Microsoft Xbox is an important milestone for Seagate that will help us to reach a new audience, which has an insatiable appetite for storage,” said Jeff Fochtman, senior director of product marketing for Seagate. “There was a clearly defined need in this market for additional plug-and-play storage and Seagate is happy to be able to provide the solution.”

If you’re in the market for such a peripheral, rumour has it that you’ll be able to add this particular one to your gaming set-up later this month. Doing so will cost a crisp $109.99 USD, though.

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