See General Zod Fight In This New Injustice: Gods Among Us Video


Fans of Injustice: Gods Among Us can expect to kneel before Zod as the latest DLC character for the new DC fighting game is set to release on July 2nd. To prepare players, developer NetherRealm Studios released a small matchup showcasing the famous villain in action. The Kryptonian General is the final of the four characters bundled into the game’s season pass that also included Lobo, Batgirl and Scorpion. Coincidentally his arrival coincides a few weeks after the theatrical release of the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel.

Zod’s playstyle appears to be a mix of brute strength and deadly alien weaponry. His fighting style includes a plasma assault rifle for ranged attacks, an ability to summon some a demonic looking alien to assist him and of course, typical Kryptonian powers like heat vision. Keeping in line with the game’s outrageous attacks, his ultimate ability involves him throwing his opponent through the moon and then sending them hurdling back down to earth.

Personally, my favourite move showcased was the ability to throw your opponent into the glass like Phantom Zone from the original Superman movies. As expected from the cocky villain, he comes off as very nonchalant while fighting and fans of his catchphrase needn’t worry, he does indeed say “kneel before Zod” during his grab.

While it is unknown if more characters will be added to the fighting game via DLC, we’ll be sure to keep you informed on additional Injustice: Gods Among Us news when it arises.