See The Importance Of Companions On Mars In New Trailer For The Technomancer


Following the demonstration of the RPG mechanics in a gameplay trailer a few days ago, a new video has arrived to showcase the importance of companions in The Technomancer. There are plenty of available companions to choose from as you adventure across Mars in this sci-fi RPG, but they’re more than just bullet shields or cannon fodder.

The core mechanics of progression and narrative are enhanced by the addition of companions, each of whom has their own story. While some will join your quest out of loyalty, others will do so for mere opportunity… or as a result of a chain of unfortunate events. When you’re exploring or fighting your way across the Red Planet, you’ll take up to 2 companions in your party.

Choosing carefully is essential, however, as they all have their own unique fighting styles that you should seek to complement your own with. Each companion has special talents useful for utility, such as crafting, knowledge in science, or lockpicking. Picking one companion over another thus has a significant impact on the way you play The Technomancer, and will have an impact on the story you are building.

Your companions each have their own storyline to play through and they all level up alongside you. Each one gets their own inventory where you can modify their gear at any time. Equip them with new weapons and armour that you can upgrade with your crafting talents, and be sure to provide them with the best equipment if you will increase their survivability and lethality.

The Technomancer will be available for PS4 Xbox One and PC from June 28.