SEGA Welcomes Endless Space Developer Amplitude Studios To The Family


A new studio has joined SEGA‘s growing family of talented developers, the company’s European division has confirmed. Amplitude Studios, which was founded in 2011 by former members of Ubisoft and known for its Endless series (Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Legend and Endless Space) of strategy games, has been acquired by the Japanese software giant, which will now assume all publishing duties for past and future titles.

Of course, all focus will most likely be placed on Endless Space 2 for now, which is headed for Early Access before the end of this year, but both parties have expressed their excitement over the partnership and what opportunities will arise in in the years ahead.

SEGA Europe COO and President Jurgen Post said (via VideoGamer):

To have the opportunity to add a studio with the growing reputation of Amplitude’s, to the SEGA family, is an exciting one and reinforces SEGA Europe’s position as a market leader in publishing high quality PC games.said Jurgen Post, President and COO for SEGA Europe.

Likewise, Amplitude co-founder Mathieu Girard said that his studio’s efforts sitting alongside other SEGA-published series’ like Total War puts their games where they “feel they deserve to be.”

Joining the SEGA family represents the culmination of five years of hard work from myself and Romain and everyone here at Amplitude Studios. For the Endless series to be alongside PC franchises with such heritage as Total War and Dawn of War in the SEGA Europe stable puts our games where we feel they deserve to be. We look forward to leveraging SEGA Europe’s expertise in the PC market to take the Endless series to the next level.

Creative Assembly and Atlus are perhaps the two most well-known subsidiaries of SEGA, the former being responsible for the aforementioned RTS franchise, the latter an international developer and publisher. How Amplitude ultimately fits in with the rest down the road will certainly be interesting to see.

Source: VideoGamer