New Sequence Trailer Shows How To Play

The Indie developer Iridium Studios has just released a new trailer for its up and coming game Sequence. The video displays how Iridium plans to combine the rhythm and RPG genres into a viable game that fans of both genres will flock to play.

Scheduled for an April 2011 release on Xbox Live, Sequence follows Ky, a 24-year-old graduate student, who awakens to find himself in a mysterious Tower. It will feature a 12+ hour adventure, full voice-acting, and a stunning, 28 track in-depth system.

With the new ‘How to Play’ trailer released today, players can see for themselves how these two seemingly illogical genres are blended together to create a smooth action filled and entertaining game. Sequence will support both dance pads and guitar controllers allowing players to really interact with the game at a whole new level.

With a reported game price of around $3.00 USD, this game is sure to attract a few followers looking to break up the monotony of their usual gaming habits. I for one am looking forward to giving this a shot later this month.