Serve And Volley: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Is Heading To Wii U Later This Year


Nintendo didn’t exactly bring their A game to this year’s E3 expo. Outside of the announcement of several new 3DS titles – among them, a new Zelda game – the Japanese company’s Nintendo Direct fell a little flat on all fronts.

That being said, the Wii U is getting some love over the next year. Besides the hotly-anticipated reveal of Star Fox Zero, owners of the console can also look forward to a new Mario sports title: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash.

Your first reaction will probably be to roll your eyes in indifference, but the original Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 was actually one of the Italian plumber’s better sport’s-focused ventures.

Nintendo didn’t have much to say in regards to concrete details, but they did release a statement.

Up to four players can compete in tennis matches that could only take place in the Mushroom Kingdom. With the addition of Jump Shots to hit high balls overhead, or Giant Mushrooms that when picked up make characters bigger, this Mario Tennis is reborn with features enabling players to aggressively go after higher balls. The game is scheduled to launch in Q4 2015.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on Mario Tennis Ultra Smash? Would you rather have a traditional Mario platformer for the Wii U, or are Nintendo’s sports titles your guilty pleasure? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: VideoGamer