Shadow Of The Eternals Second Kickstarter Attempt Launches July 25th

shadow of the eternals (7)

Precursor Games has announced that they will launch their second Kickstarter attempt for Shadow of the Eternals — the self-proclaimed spiritual successor to the classic GameCube horror title, Eternal Darkness — on July 25th.

The Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter re-launch actually represents the third (fourth if you count Silicon Knights’ rumored effort to find a publisher for Eternal Darkness 2) attempt that Precursor Games has made at getting the necessary funds to develop the game. Their original self-run crowdfunding campaign was shut down alongside the first Kickstarter effort on June 6th. Officially, the campaigns were pulled after “a host of new exciting opportunities that will make the game better” were discovered. However, the reality of the situation is that the campaign had only met 9% of its $1.35 million goal, and there was only two weeks left before the deadline.

Shadow of the Eternals has faced an uphill funding battle ever since it was first revealed last May. Initially, the concern around the project centered around Denis Dyack’s involvement with the studio. This was somewhat eased with a video response by Dyack, however, at that point many viewed Precursor Games as little more than Silicon Knights with a new coat of paint.

To be honest, I find it a bit shocking that Precursor Games is moving forward with yet another Kickstarter. Not only do the majority of concerns about the studio still exist, but in the downtime between the two Kickstarter campaigns the company has had to fire Ken McCullock (long-time Silicon Knights employee and the main writer on Eternal Darkness) after he was arrested on three charges related to child pornography. Regardless of whether McCullock is eventually found innocent or guilty of the charges, his former link to Precursor Games and Shadow of the Eternals will not be helpful in drumming up financial support for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

We will keep an eye on Precursor’s new Kickstarter campaign, and let you know as soon as more details are announced.