Sheriff Lonestar Joins The Awesomenauts

You’ve hopefully heard about Awesomenauts. If not, then you’re in for a treat. It’s an online battle arena game which takes its cues from 1980s Saturday morning cartoons, with all of their personality and creativity. Using a cel-shaded look, players must take to the arena in order to blast their way through the enemy team’s defenses. Think of something along the lines of League of Legends, except with much more of an eighties cartoon look and a 2D form.

Its developer, Ronimo Games, has released a brand spanking new trailer for the game, which oozes character. It gives us a look at the new sheriff in town, named Sheriff Lonestar. He’s not interested in arresting the competition – being rather inclined to shoot them a new one instead.

Sheriff Lonestar and the rest of the gang will be playable when Awesomenauts hits the PlayStation Network and XBOX Live Arcade sometime later this year. Hopefully it’ll be soon!

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