The Shoot Developer Cohort Studios Shuts Its Doors

Due to a decline in the console market and a lack of earnings, Cohort Studios (developer of the PlayStation Move launch title, The Shoot) is unfortunately closing its doors. This year marks the fifth year in business for the Dundee, Scotland development studio. Their remaining twenty-five employees were informed of the shut down, though twenty-seven were let go previously. The official reason given for this unfortunate closure is “the difficulties of being a console developer in a declining console marketplace.”

The Shoot was just the first of several new planned/original projects that the studio was planning to develop. Their final game, Me Monstar: Hear Me Roar, will released as a PlayStation Mini in May. They previously did contract work on titles such as Motorstorm, Burnout: Paradise and Buzz.

We wish those who’ve lost their jobs the best of luck in finding future employment.

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