Throwback Shoot ‘Em Up Score Rush Extended Is Now Available For The PlayStation 4


What’s old is new this week, as throwback shoot ’em up Score Rush Extended is now available for the PlayStation 4. The bullet-hell shooter will be available on the PlayStation Store at a limited time price of only $9.49 for standard members, and $8.39 for PS+ members.

An improved version of the original Score Rush, which hit the Xbox 360 in 2012, Score Rush Extended takes an old-school approach to bullet-hell shooters. The gameplay eschews modern trappings such as storylines and customized ships, and instead focuses squarely on the basics. It’s just you facing off with an almost endless supply of enemy ships and massive bosses.

You don’t have to necessarily face the enemy alone, though, as Score Rush Extended features a full multiplayer mode. Up to four players can team-up in order to battle through either Score Rush or Boss Rush mode. However, the more ships you have on screen, the crazier the action will be.

For those interested in our complete thoughts on the game, you can check out my full review right here. To summarize, though, I strongly recommend the shoot ’em up for those that are either fans of the genre, or interested in jumping in. The price point is solid, and the classic gameplay can appeal to fans and non-fans alike. It’s tough, as to be expected, but the fast and furious action will prove to be rewarding for those willing to take the plunge on it.

Will you be picking up Score Rush Extended this week? Or are you not interested in the intense bullet-hell action it specializes in? Sound off below and let us know.