Shoot Many Robots Reveals M Rating In Developer Video

In a move that surprises nobody, Shoot Many Robots has received its official ESRB rating of Mature.  It was listed for strong language, sexual themes, and use of alcohol, but I think it may have something to do with the inclusion of Penny Arcade’s “Fruit F**ker” as one of the collectible pieces of headgear. Just call it a hunch.

The rating was revealed in Demiurge’s latest video showing off the various lighting effects being used for debugging.  Demiurge hints that some of the styles could be used as bonus levels. Shoot All Robots was made with Demiurge’s own tech, the Seoul Engine, and with everything shown so far it’s an impressive engine. While there hasn’t been an official release date, Demiurge states that Shoot Many Robots will be out early 2012.