Indie Hit Shovel Knight To Receive Nintendo Switch Release And New Modes


While Nintendo’s big Switch event will dominate the news tomorrow, we found out earlier today that a familiar face will be coming to the console. Developer Yacht Club Games announced that the complete Shovel Knight saga will be arriving on the new hardware later this year. However, it won’t be under its current name. Instead, the throwback-platformer will be released as Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

This new package will include the original game, as well as the already released Plague of Shadows, and the soon to be released Specter of Torment. All three campaigns will also be made available as stand-alone releases on all platforms they’re currently available on. For those that already purchased Shovel Knight, you’ll still continue to receive all future updates for free. If you’re interested in the game and haven’t taken a dive in yet, you might want to grab it soon. Yacht Club will be bumping the cost up a bit come spring, so get in on some hot shovel action now while you can.

Besides the three lengthy campaigns, a brand new mode will also launch alongside Specter of Torment. Body Swap Mode will let players switch between different bodies for all of the characters in the game. The developer hasn’t indicated whether or not swapping bodies will change how the game plays, however. Additionally, the previously amiibo-locked co-op mode will be coming to all console and PC versions of Shovel Knight in the future.

Purchasing Treasure Trove, or, again, if you already own the title, will also grant you access to two other modes that are slated for release in 2017. The King Knight’s campaign will give the game a whopping four (!!) different campaigns, while the Battle Mode brings with it a fresh new multiplayer experience.

As it has for the past year or so, the Shovel Knight package seemingly remains as one of the best values in gaming.