Apex Legends Streamer Calls Out Wingman Nerf, Says It’s Ineffective


Ah, the Wingman pistol.

It’s a high-powered, damage-dealing revolver that’s still every bit as satisfying after you fire it for the 1000th time – but perhaps it’s too powerful?

Let’s face it, if you’re skilled enough to unlock the Wingman’s accuracy boost – that is, the ability to deal 45 damage per shot, regardless of range – you could single-handedly turn the tide of battle. Such was the case before Apex Legends dropped its first major patch, which addressed hitboxes, bugs and overpowered weaponry like the Wingman and the Peacekeeper.

The result? Each gun was quickly nerfed, though at least according to popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek, the update was ineffective in that it “literally changed nothing.”

I don’t think they did anything really. That was not the right nerf. If they were going to nerf the fire rate, they needed to really nerf it, or don’t touch the fire rate at all, and just nerf the damage. But, instead, they literally did nothing.

No tangible changes, no fire rate adjustments… nada. Now, you may be wondering why we’ve drawn attention to Shroud, but it’s important to remember that the influencer helped Respawn during the development of Apex Legends, and provided valuable feedback before the online shooter emerged blinking into the sunlight.

Then again, it seems Grzesiek has since walked back his initial statement, admitting that, after some rigorous tests, he’s overly happy with the changes being made to Apex Legends and, in particular, the Wingman firearm.


Apex Legends is currently available across PS4, Xbox One and PC, and now boasts a player base of 50 million strong. Suddenly Fortnite isn’t the hottest shooter in town