Silent Hill: Book of Memories Receives Last Minute Delay; Release Date TBA

UPDATE: Certain retailers have listed a May 31 release date for Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Whether or not this new date is true has yet to be confirmed or denied by Konami.

Silent Hill has become synonymous with March, rightfully so with three titles including Downpour and HD Collection arriving earlier this month. Unfortunately, it seems that Book of Memories may have just missed the bus this time.

All three Silent Hill titles set to come out this month haven’t had the cleanest track record. Both Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection had received delays in one form or another before settling into their March time slots.

With Silent Hill: Book of Memories‘ release date looming only a few days away, it seems strange to have the game delayed to an unknown date. What once was listed as a March 27th release on Konami‘s website now lists Book of Memories for Spring 2012.

Source: Konami

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