Silent Hill HD Collection News And Screens Revealed

Originally, Konami was pretty tight-lipped when they announced the planned release of the Silent Hill HD Collection for PS3. All that we knew was that it would include up-scaled versions of both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, foregoing the original and the third sequel.

Now, the Japanese developer/publisher has released some more information regarding a potential release window, as well as some new screens from the new-look version of Silent Hill 2. A game that is leaps and bounds ahead of most other survival horror games on the market, as well as a personal favourite of mine.

Fans can expect to go back to the creepy, soot-filled town and the uneasy feelings it brings with it, this fall. A “September/October” release window has been targeted for the project, which is set to include trophy support and “all-new voice acting directed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn”.

As of right now, it’s only a PlayStation 3 exclusive since the series was almost always only released on Sony consoles. However, there may be other version(s) further down the pipeline.

Silent Hill producer Tom Huett had this to say during an interview with Joystiq:

“It’s always been a primarily Sony platform series. So, right now we’re just aiming at a Sony exclusive, which isn’t to say [that] in the future it won’t be available anywhere else, but right now it’s a Sony exclusive.”

This is very interesting news, especially considering my love for Silent Hill 2 and my eager anticipation for Silent Hill: Downpour.

Check out the two new screens below and let us know about your favourite spooky events from your time spent in the dingy and surreal town.

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