‘Silent Hill’ trends yet again in advance of Sony’s ‘State of Play’ tomorrow thanks to hoax

Silent Hills
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It’s tough being a fan of Konami games. The company has shifted focus to gambling and fitness titles, and it’s been years since we saw any life from the Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, or Silent Hill franchises. That last one is a real kick in the teeth, as the Hideo Kojima/Guillermo del Toro collab Silent Hills was announced, teased with the incredible P.T., and promptly canceled.

Ever since, there have been hopes that the critically acclaimed horror series would return, with rumors appearing every few months that a resurrection is in the cards. Well, it’s that time again, as Silent Hill is trending on Twitter, and fans are abuzz that it could be unveiled in tomorrow’s PlayStation ‘State of Play.’

Don’t get your hopes up. The hype is based on a rumor that Sony purchased one of Konami’s top franchises with an eye to relaunching it as a new PlayStation exclusive. However, the story has been traced back to an account that describes itself as “the Onion for game leaks” and has now retitled itself “journalists don’t do research.”


Sadly it seems that Silent Hill (and the other Konami franchises) are about as dead as dead can be. If you want proof, Konami allowed the domain name Silenthill.com to expire, and some joker snapped it up and simply posted creator Masahiro Ito’s recent tweet, “I wish I hadn’t designed fxxkin Pyramid Head.” Konami hasn’t contested this, indicating that they simply do not care.

‘Castlevania.com’ and ‘MetalGearSolid.com’ are also going unused, which doesn’t inspire much hope in a big-budget revival over at Sony.

Maybe one day we’ll see a new Silent Hill title, though I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon and certainly not at Sony’s ‘State of Play’ conference tomorrow.

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