SimCity Offline Mode Has Finally Arrived


It’s official, EA Maxis has finally added the long awaited offline mode for SimCity, alongside the ability to mod the game in Update 10.

Once you’re finally playing SimCity in single player, a new level of freedom will be at your fingertips as offline mode allows game saves to be stored locally on your PC without the requirement of an internet connection.

EA Maxis has even included a new “Save As” option, which grants players a greater level of flexibility with how they approach building their cities. Multiple versions of your creations can be easily accessed and reloaded. With the additional ability to disable the game’s AutoSave feature, players can freely tinker and experiment with the Sim City‘s core design elements. Go ahead, drop a meteor on that shiny new building that you’ve been pretending is EA’s headquarters, we won’t say anything.

Of course, this new level of freedom comes at a cost. EA Maxis has detailed precisely what players lose out on when they choose to invest their time in single player. A blog post on the game’s official site states:

“Players who choose to play Single-Player Mode will not have access to Online-only features such as Multiplayer, SimCity World, Leaderboards, Achievements, dynamic pricing of resources in the Global Market and Cloud Saves. I also want to point out that saved Regions cannot be transferred between Modes. This means that if you play a Region in Single-Player Mode, you will not be able to play it in Multiplayer. We want to keep the competitive aspects of the Online game intact.”

Be sure to check back for more SimCity coverage, as the team continues recovering from last year’s rocky launch.