Single-Player Trailer For Nintendo’s Splatoon Is A Colourful Slice Of Chaos


Ever since it was first unveiled during Nintendo’s show-stopping Direct presentation at E3, Splatoon has been been tricky butterfly to pin. On paper, it’s a fast-paced, third-person shooter that you wouldn’t immediately associate with the Wii U — a console known for innovative gameplay, but not one to attract those with a twitchy trigger finger. But gradually, as The Big N released more information about it, the once oddball title has slowly positioned itself as one of the most anticipated exclusives the system will soon have to offer.

And just yesterday, Nintendo continued that trend by launching a new trailer for Splatoon, which showcases the hyper-kinetic nature of the company’s four-on-four shooter. Only, this latest slice of footage focuses on the game’s single-player mode, which, by the looks of it, is by no means a half-baked add-on that one may find in any number of genre titles.

For Splatoon, you play as an inkling which is, essentially, a squid that can turn into a human on the fly. As such, players will have the power to literally paint the world around them with their own ink with one simple overriding rule governing the chaos: whoever has the most ink splattered around the battlefield, wins. At least, that’s the core ideology within the title’s multiplayer mode and we understand that Nintendo has some novel challenges planned for those who wish to fly solo.

Nintendo has pegged Splatoon to release within the second quarter of 2015, meaning Wii U owners can expect to decorate the world with ink at some point between April and June.