SkyDrift Adds New Multiplayer DLC Modes

The skies are once again unsafe territory, as Digital Reality has released its second DLC expansion for SkyDrift. The great aerial combat/racing game sees the inclusion of two new classic multiplayer modes (deathmatch and team deathmatch) via its Gladiator Multiplayer Pack.

Take to the airways in all out battle for online supremacy now, for 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99 (PSN).

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Read on for this expansion’s full press release:

Just when gamers were craving it the most, Digital Reality has released more downloadable content (DLC) for its high-flying title, SkyDrift with the ‘Gladiator Multiplayer Pack’. The ‘Gladiator’ DLC delivers with it two classic multiplayer online modes: Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Only the number of opponents eliminated will earn honor and respect!

Improve your dog fighting skills with you and up to seven other players in six cut-throat arenas– including Warfactory, U.F.O. and Scrapyard. Jump into a blazing dogfight or create a new arena in order to pick the specific course settings, like weather conditions or Time Limits.

Maps range from multi-tiered action pits that provide much needed cover like Stone Bones, to complex arenas with plenty of defense and even more ambush opportunities, like Swordfish Reef. Things really get going with players waiting to be a smear on the wall of buildings in the Warfactory.

The SkyDrift ‘Gladiator Multiplayer Pack’ is now available for download on Xbox LIVE®Arcade for 400 Microsoft Points and on PlayStation®Network for $4.99.

SkyDrift is a fast paced, arcade-style game that gives players the ultimate racing experience– where they will overtake their opponents or shoot down the enemy. Dominate against the deadliest opponents in the most spectacular exotic locations from all around the world. Choosing from 33 racing events on several reversible, living tracks, players will compete against opponents in single or multiplayer challenges with up to eight planes competing at a time.

Rated “E 10+” for Mild Violence by the Entertainment Software Review Board, SkyDrift is available on PlayStation Network for $14.99 or on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points. For more information about SkyDrift, please visit the official website at

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